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Pal Craftaid is adding hand-embroidered Tee-shirts to its line of clothing – produced by women artisans in the Bethlehem area. The Tee's may be purchased only from Pal Craftaid Board members and are available both in black – with red designs that are perfect for winter – and in white, with softer colors, such as blue. Both Tee's are available with long and short sleeves. The design somewhat resembles Christmas trees in glorious colors and can be worn either for dress-up under a blazer or as casual wear.
“I love my black Tee-shirt with the design from Bethlehem, with what looks like a field of Christmas trees.  On Sunday someone came up to me and said it was "the most gorgeous Christmas T shirt he'd seen because it was so subtle!" “It's beautiful year-round but especially at Christmas,” said Ervin Bullock, Pal Craftaid's marketing committee chair.
The fabric Tee-shirts are fully fair trade and produced by artisans who in relationship to the Bethlehem Arab Women's Union (BAWU). The BAWU has a long and history as a non-profit charitable organization and cultural society. In operation since 1947, it has the dual task of preserving Palestinian traditional arts, and, securing work that enables women to support their families and children. When it was conceived, one of the original goals was to provide work for women that could be done at-home, a principal that is still observed. The artisans deliver finished products to the BAWU, which sits in the city center. Pal Craftaid will offer the Tee's at sales only since sizing varies widely.


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