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The end of summer is fast approaching and fall is on the way. The close of summer always means goodbyes – to go back to school, a new job, off to college, or the end of summer jobs wherever they may be. Pal Craftaid is offering creative little friendship gifts to help say goodbye. These gifts simply say, “Remember me. And I will be thinking of you, friend.” These items are available now:

Friendship Bracelet

1655 Beautiful designs are stitched into these tiny wrist bands. Made in Gaza City by collectives of women, the vivid colors look great and can serve as a friendship bracelet. These can be shipped quickly to your door.

Holding Hearts

Holding Heart If students in the family are heading off to college – or away for that first job – consider sending a holding heart along just to remind them of home. The grain in each heart is different, so each piece is one of a kind.

Peace Plaque

Peace Plaque Nothing soothes a big transition like a dose of peace. The plaques – made in Bethlehem – offer a timeless message of faith and of hope. These can be simple reminders of what matters when life weighs heavily on us.


1300 Simple and inexpensive, these gorgeous hand-stitched bookmarks are ordinary reminders that say: “I am thinking of you.” Perfect for the student in your life, or, for your friends who are avid readers.


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