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The YWCA of Palestine (www.ywca-palestine.org) has created daycare centers for children in refugee camps including a lunch program. Malnourishment is a major problem reaching a critical point for the Palestinian population and most especially in the Gaza Strip. Vocational training of young women has long been part of their agenda. Since 2001 , the YWCA has developed income generating programs for women in Jericho. One is called the Good Earth Campaign. Products of the Good Earth Campaign are produced by natural ingredients from Palestine such as hand made olive oil soap, extra virgin olive oil and dried herbs, namely thyme, sage and spearmint.. They also make delicious marmalade and pastries. Empowering women and enabling them to feel pride in their work and to be able to make a financial contribution to their family's welfare are integral to the YWCA programs. Ms. Mira Ritzek is the General Secretary of the YWCA. In 2002 the YWCA and the YMCA of Palestine joined to establish The Olive Tree Campaign under the theme "Keep Hope Alive". The cost for planting an olive tree to replace one that has been uprooted and destroyed by settlers or Israeli Defense Force is $20. Pal Craftaid has planted more than a dozen trees. Numerous scholarships have been given by Pal Craftaid to help young women in their vocational training.


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