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Pal Craftaid offers you a plethora of crosses to wear during the Lenten and Easter seasons – or any time of the year! These affordable necklaces are produced by Bethlehem artisans and are forever keepsakes.   404 Jerusalem Cross Necklace – One of the most popular crosses in the Holy Land is the Jerusalem cross. Its geometric design conveys a multitude of meanings, with four small crosses tucked into the beams of a central cross. Some say the center cross represents Calvary and the four others, the Gospels. Some says it means that Jerusalem is the center of the world. Others say it represents the crusading countries who centuries ago sent armies to Jerusalem, with the center cross symbolizing the English.   #402 Plain Cross   402 Plain Cross Necklace – This simple wooden cross is the cross-symbol used by the earliest Christians. No ornamentation. No wounded body. Just a symbol of faith that speaks across the ages and never loses its power.     #411 Fancy Grapevine Fancy
411 Fancy Grapevine Cross Necklace – An ornate little cross, the grapevine reminds us of the bonds forged at the communion table, where Christ calls the faithful. Its delicate craftsmanship illustrates how Christ is the vine, and, the people are the branches. (John 15:5)   #403 Double-decker Filigree     403 Double-decker Filigree Cross Necklace – This necklace is a cross within a cross, an unforgettable design that is simple, yet elegant.