Posted on by Carol Hylkema

A Devotional by the Rev. Elizabeth B. Knott, Pal Craftaid Founder The Way of the Cross Lenten StudyThe issues of church and society today are not unlike those which Jesus encountered and which he addressed by lifting up the values of the Kingdom of God. In his time the values appeared radical, and so they are today. In his time, oppression and occupation were the common experience of the majority, so today oppression and occupation are experienced in his homeland. Through the Lenten study, “The Way of the Cross in Mark’s Gospel,” you will see more clearly what it means to be a follower of Jesus. You will be engaged in finding your way to follow Jesus through the exploration of Mark’s Gospel by considering probing questions and by your own reflection. The Via Dolorosa – the Way of Suffering of the Innocent One, Jesus, is being repeated globally today. On Good Friday and Saturday, you will be encouraged to contemplate the contemporary stations of the cross in Jesusʼ homeland of Palestine, to see and to feel the suffering of the innocent, and also to identify other places in the global village where there are inhumane conditions of suffering. Let us allow Jesus to open our eyes and heart through this Lenten study. Some people find it helpful during their reflection times to feel and smell the smooth olive wood of a holding cross from Bethlehem such as those sold by Pal Craftaid.