Board Members

Carol Hylkema, President; Dearborn, MI.

Carol Hylkema is a church volunteer for a lifetime. She has sold Pal Craftaid inventory off and on since 2000 and joined Pal Craftaid in 2007. She has been to Palestine 5 times since 1986. Each time the facts on the ground are far more desperate and humiliating for Palestinians. Working with Pal Craftaid is a positive way to not only help skilled artisans find a market for their work but to help Palestinians through programs and agencies on the ground. Each time she is in Palestine, Carol is amazed by the resiliency of the Palestinians and the hope and commitment that they exude despite the occupation which surrounds their lives.

Rev. Jean Henderson, Secretary; Pittsburgh, PA.

Jean Henderson has served as a PCUSA active and retired pastor for over forty years in Western Pennsylvania. She joined Pal Craftaid in 2008 at the request of founder Liz Knott whose dedication to the peace effort in Palestine convinced Jean to take more action. Having been an admirer and purchaser of Pal Craftaid olivewood and handcrafted items, Jean enjoys serving on the Board and selling items, believing that our efforts can be one firm avenue toward justice and peace.

Ervin Bullock; St. Augustine, FL.

Ervin Bullock is retired from twenty years on staff with the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program. While there she helped lead a group of 100 Presbyterians to Israel Palestine where they sought to better understand the conflict and ways to work for justice and peace there. On her trips to this area she has met many peacemakers, Jewish, Muslim and Christian, Palestinian and Israeli working together for justice and peace. Their courage, commitment and hope give her hope and encourage her. Ervin believes that justice and peace in Israel Palestine is critical in our pursuit of peace in other areas of the world as well as in our “war on terror”.

Sarah Humphrey; Atlanta, GA.

Sarah Humphrey works for peace and justice at The Open Door Community in Atlanta, GA. She joined Pal Craftaid in 2007. As the past Director of Presbyterian Answer to Hunger (Presbytery of Greater Atlanta), she has led 11 trips to Israel/Palestine to educate Presbyterians about the region and to deepen their understanding of the Israeli Occupation. She finds hope in the growing efforts of the Israeli and Palestinian peace communities who are working towards a just resolution to the conflict.

Jenny Y. Kim; Oakland, CA.

Jenny Y. Kim is an attorney and mediator in Oakland, California. She practices in the area of federal Indian and tribal law, and also mediates regularly in several court-approved programs in the Alameda County Superior Courts. For the past four years, Ms. Kim has served on the Partnership Working Group of the San Francisco Presbytery, working to help churches partner in carrying out their mission work and providing small grants to local congregations’ peacemaking and hunger projects. Ms. Kim is also a member of Park Boulevard Presbyterian Church in Oakland. Ms. Kim graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis, TN and while at Rhodes, lived in Jerusalem for a semester abroad in 1992 to study the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. After graduating from law school in 1997 and before moving into private practice, Ms. Kim worked in public interest law for a California nonprofit serving California Indians and tribes. Ms. Kim has served as a delegate to the 2001 United Nations World Conference against Racism in South Africa for the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program. In 2004, Ms. Kim received recognition by the Coalition of Minority Bar Associations in the San Francisco Bay Area for outstanding service to the legal community.

KT Ockels

KT Ockels is a teaching elder member of the Presbytery of Mid-Kentucky and is part of the pastoral team at Beechmont Presbyterian Church in Louisville, KY. She has worked with the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program and with World Mission. She served as a PC(USA) mission diaconal worker in Ramallah, Palestine and taught at the Ramallah Friends School. KT is the mother of two college students.

Emeriti Members

Rev. Elizabeth Knott; Indianola, IA.

“Sometimes you just have to take the leap, and build your wings on the way down,” according to Kobi Yamada. This is exactly what I did in borrowing $16,000 from a businessman in order to purchase inventory of Palestinian crafts for the Women’s Gathering in 1993. This has been an exciting and rewarding God-venture!

Connie DePond; Indianola, IA.

Connie DePond was a gerontological nurse clinician. Has been with Pal Craftaid from the beginning, assisting the founder, Rev. Elizabeth Knott. Have visited Palestine/Israel 16 times since 1994. Each time I am amazed at the resilience of the Palestinian people in the face of all the closures, checkpoints and restrictions their lives experience.

Distributor Coordinator

Kirsten Johnston, South Lyon, MI.


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