Pal Craftaid’s mission is To bring compassion, hope and healing for all Palestinians.

 Our History

In the fall of 1993, the Rev. Elizabeth Knott learned of the increased hardships for Palestinians. She started Pal Craftaid as a short term venture, importing Palestinian sculpted olive wood and sending the proceeds back to Palestine to help a few families survive economically and gain hope. What was conceived as a short term, stop-gap effort has extended to the current time.

In 2008 Pal Craftaid incorporated and achieved 501(c)(3) status. We have a fantastic Board of Directors and regional representatives who can be contacted to obtain olive wood and needlework.

Pal Craftaid now works with several groups of Palestinian artisans in the West Bank and Gaza, including:

Our fair-trade relationship with these and other vendors allows us to raise funds for a variety of health and education ministries such as:

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